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About the app

PS: secures your files and communication with the most advanced encryption system available in the market. Combining symmetric AES and asymmetric ECC encryption makes your calls and chat messages completely private. Your photos, files and passwords deserve just as much privacy as your communication, would you agree?

What makes PS:

Complete anonymity

Whether you choose to use your existing email account to register into PS: app or create a new email just for the sake of complete anonymity, is at your full discreation. Your visibility for other PS: users is entirely under your control.

100% security

All your calls and messages are protected with the most advanced end-to-end encryption system available in the market. All communication data is automatically deleted from the server once delivered.

No backdoor

No government authorities or any other third parties have had access to this most secure encryption technology.

with confidence

FREE PS: app secures your real-time calls and messages with the most advanced encryption system available in the market.

Buy PREMIUM pack and your passwords, photos and files are in a private storage secured with the same unique encryption!

Communicate with confidence and rest assured your files and passwords are safe.

Your privacy...

PS: puts your privacy at the forefront of what we do.

Each user decides on visibility for other PS: users for complete anonymity.

Not to mention that all your calls, messages as well as photos, files and passwords are securely encrypted, bottom line. Read more about how important your privacy is for us.


Enjoy following app features:

No SIM needed/

E-mail is all you need to install and use the app.

Simple setup/

Register in the app, invite your peers and enjoy free calls and messages.

Creative Design/

Modern look of the app on both platforms - iOS and Android.

/Secured Calls

Your real-time calls secured.

/Secured Messages

Your chat messages secured.

/Secured Files and Passwords

Your passwords, photos and files in a private storage.

PS: Crypto Challenge

Just break our encryption and win


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Download NOW PS: app for your iOS or Android device and ENJOY your ultimate PRIVACY.

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