FAQ section

1. PS: Post Scriptum:

What is PS: Post Scriptum?

Mobile application "PS: Post Scriptum" secures your files and communication with the most advanced encryption system available in the market.

What makes PS: special?

- Complete anonymity
- 100% security
- No backdoor
- Your passwords, photos and files in a private storage

For which platforms is the application available?

The app may be downloaded via Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.

Can you use the app even on devices without a SIM card?

No SIM Card is needed. E-mail is all you need to install and use the app.

How can I download your application?

The app may be downloaded via Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore, respectively. on a website www.psapp.eu - "Home section" by clicking on the link associated with the specific operating system and continue to download.

Security and privacy:

Which algorithm secures my communication and files?

Read our technical documentation on a website www.psapp.eu - "About the app section".

What does PS: app secures?

PS: secures your communication - chat and calls, passwords and files - photos, pdf and other file formats.

Is anything stored on the server?

Only the data needed for pairing are stored on the server. The encrypted communication is not saved. Encrypted files are transmitted to the server only for distribution, they are automatically deleted after delivery.

Communication - Chat and Calls:

Can I communicate only with one person through the application, or is it unlimited?

Through the application you can communicate with a different number of people, but in each given time only one. Multichat or group call is not available, yet.


PREMIUM - Secure storage:

Is it possible to install the purchased premium version on more than one devices?

No, the purchased version is tied to the purchasing account and is available for this particular account and device.

Do I need to re-purchase the premium version or can I install the app with the premium version again if I lose my phone?

You can install the app with the premium version on a new device. Sign-in with the same account which was used during the purchase and you can continue using the app with the premium features if you have a new device.

Is it possible to multi-license premium version?

Please contact us at support@psapp.eu for details on how to purchase multiple licenses.

Operating systems and devices: